Cliff Maloney 

About Cliff Maloney:

As a political strategist, Cliff Maloney looks at how people vote and what they do. "Operation Win at the Door" is what he is best known for. It led to the election of 179 citizen legislators in 30 states. In 2020, $13 million was raised and spent to build a political army across the United States. Fox News, Fox Business, Newsmax, and PBS have all been where Cliff Maloney has been on the air. A lot of people read his comments and editorials in TIME, the Washington Times and Reason. They also appear in The Hill and The Daily Caller. His goal in life is to put principled, citizen legislators in the 5,411 state legislative seats in the United States. Cliff Maloney was called a "audacious disruptor" by the Washington Examiner because of his work.

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